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Pro Organics - Education

Key to the growth of the organic and natural foods industry is education - both on the retail and consumer level. At Pro Organics, we have devised several educational support opportunities for our retail customers that can be of value to you and your shoppers.

Produce College
The "Organic Produce College" is a series specifically aimed at produce buyers, merchandisers, produce associates and managers, as well as store managers and owners. Of course, even if you are not directly involved with produce operations but simply wish to learn more about organic produce, we welcome you to participate. Our program focuses on the unique needs of organic produce operations and merchandising. The Organic Produce College was created by our sister company in the U.S., Albert’s Organics. Within the program, you will find twenty brief lessons that reflect much of what they have learned over the past 28 years about retailing organic produce successfully and profitably. Click Here to visit the Produce College.

Our Blog
This is another opportunity we now have with our sister company Albert’s Organics. This popular blog has created a venue for learning about the organic and natural foods industry as well as the products we sell. Our blog's primary focus is on our products, industry news and updates, and of course, perspectives from various knowledgeable and experienced sources within the Pro Organics and Albert’s Organics Team. Click Here to visit the blog.

Merchandising Tips
Twice a week via our emarketing newsletters we send out to all of our retail customers an article featuring tips and strategies for successfully retailing organic fresh foods. These articles are written by Simcha Weinstein, the Director of Marketing for both Pro Organics and Albert’s, who has over 30 years experience in the Organic and Natural Foods industry. Over the past 10 years, since these articles have been running, they have proven to be an invaluable resource for retail customers.

To help you merchandise and market your retail operation, Pro Organics has provided you with some original, custom designed POS materials that you can download, print and use in your store.

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